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Chart No. 1

Chart No. 2

Making a case for home energy storage

Solar installations have soared over the last decade and millions are now enjoying a new green lifestyle, taking advantage of lower utility bills and incredible tax incentives. The problem with most solar installations, however, is that much of the solar production occurs during the middle of the day when many consumers are away from their homes or using very little energy. See chart No.1 for a graphic explanation of how typical solar production stacks up against typical energy usage.

The “solution” to this problem has come in the form of a system called net-metering. This process essentially “sells” the renewable energy that you generate during the day to the investor-owned utility company, then “buys” it back from the utility during the evenings and mornings when your solar is not producing. The issue with this method is that many utility companies have variable energy rates and will charge more during these peak hours, so your solar panels are used to enrich the utility companies by “re-selling” energy back to you at a higher rate than they bought it for.

iDemand believes there is a better way: simply take the utility company out of the equation! See chart No.2 for a graphic of how our systems are designed to charge during the day when your solar is producing, and discharge whenever you need it, virtually eliminating the utility altogether!

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Battery Longevity Chart

Get longer battery life with iDemand systems

Click on the battery longevity chart to see a visual performance comparison between an iDemand system and one of our top competitor's products. iDemand systems withstand the test of time, and retain a much higher efficiency rate.

The blue line indicates the cut-off period for most factory warranties... by that time, the battery capacity has already decreased to 70% of its original capacity and steadily declines over the next 15 years. Not so with an iDemand system! At the 10-year mark, our factory warranty hasn’t even reached the half-way point and the battery system is still going strong at 92% original capacity!

Levelized Cost of Stored Energy (LCOS)

This metric is used to determine the total lifetime cost of your energy storage system. It is derived by comparing the total cost of an installed system to the expected output. Click on the chart to see how we stack up against the competition. At $0.11/kWh, you really can't afford NOT to buy an iDemand system! 

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