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What makes iDemand Energy Storage better than its competitors?

By: Tarra Love

You’ve probably heard of Tesla’s Powerwall, or maybe even the sonnenBatterie. Well, I’m here to tell you iDemand Energy Storage has a battery that can do everything both companies’ batteries can do, plus more.  

The first thing that sets iDemand Energy Storage apart from other energy storage companies is the chemistry of their battery. iDemand uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are the safest, greenest, and longest lasting batteries in the industry. Some of iDemand’s competitors use the chemistry, lithium cobalt oxide, which can catch on fire. While other competitors are using lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries have a very short lifespan, sometimes lasting no more than five years. Because of lithium iron phosphate’s long lifespan, 27.5 years, iDemand is able to put a 25 year warranty on their battery. This is the highest warranty currently in the industry.

iDemand’s batteries have another quality that makes them stand out from their competitors. Their batteries can be stored indoors, as well as outdoors. Because of the weather resistant casing on the batteries, iDemand’s batteries can withstand temperatures as low as 4° and as high as 131°. This is a pretty rare quality, since most batteries are required to be stored indoors.

Another great feature with iDemand Energy Storage’s battery is that it can be totally customizable for any house or business. The batteries start at 9 kWh and go all the way up to MWh systems. iDemand measures the size of the battery by the usage of the consumer, as well as the size of the house or building. This allows iDemand to sell batteries that can handle the consumer’s daily needs and not just be a backup generator. iDemand’s batteries are designed to work 24/7. This is so the consumer can store all the energy produced with their renewable resource (solar, wind turbines, and/or hydropower) and not sell/buy it to and from the utility.

A couple more qualities that set iDemand Energy Storage apart from their competitors include: 

  • Net metering not required
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • OEM field service support
  • Batteries are recyclable
  • Household Uninterrupted Power (having sufficient inverter(s) output to pick up all household loads in the event of a power outage.)

Now you can be the judge, does iDemand Energy Storage’s batteries offer more than competitors? Come talk to one of our representatives at our office in Miramar or give us a call at (855)272-1684.

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