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We have built the best market proven solution for power outages and peak time charges with our uninterrupted energy supply for your entire home!

Monthly electric bills hurting your business? Power outages preventing operations from running smoothly?
We can help with that...


iDemand는 시장에서 가장 요구되는 에너지 저장 시스템 제조업체이자 총괄시스템을 구축하는 기업입니다. 저희의 획기적인 방법은 새로운 또는 기존의 재생 에너지 원 (태양열, 풍력, 수력 등)과 쉽게 접목될 수 있고 기존의 주에너지원인 전력공급회사에 대한 귀하의 실질적인 의존도를 없애드립니다.

We believe that renewable energy shouldn't have to rely on utility companies. That’s why we developed our uninterrupted energy supply (UES).  Our UES works with or without the grid and will power your entire home or business for days on a single charge.

Each system includes an 10,000 cycle warranty averaging 27.5 years, ensuring that you will be enjoying your new green lifestyle for decades to come. So, stop putting your money in the pockets of the utility companies by installing an iDemand system.


We’re here to help! We know that the topic of sustainable energy storage is somewhat complicated. Here are two of the most frequently asked questions we hear from prospective customers.

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1. What advantages do I gain from energy storage?
Federal and State Incentives. Through 2019, battery storage when paired with renewable energy installations is eligible for the federal 30 percent Investment Tax Credit, which encourages companies to develop long-term investments that drive competition and technological innovation, and in turn, lower costs for consumers. In 2020 the ITC is reduced to 26 percent, and then it goes down to 22 percent the following year. In 2022 it drops to zero for residential structures, while the credit for commercial and utility drops to 10 percent and stays at that rate permanently.

Financial Savings. San Diego Gas & Electric, the IOU that serves San Diego County, has a history of raising its regular rates, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, SDG&E buys energy from solar customers when they produce an excess. The utility also sells it back to them during periods when their arrays are not producing. However, a proposal pending approval from the CPUC to change the length of the buying and selling periods, known as Time of Use (TOU), basically amounts to a rate increase. Installing an iDES3 battery system would take you out of the rate-hike equation.

Leaving the Grid Behind. In the aim of meeting the state’s sustainable energy standard that calls for 100 percent renewable power by 2045, SDG&E is building new infrastructure. Yet such development will not be paid for out of company profits, it will be paid for out of rate-payers’ pockets. SDG&E, a Sempra utility reported fourth-quarter 2016 earnings of $151 million, up from $144 million in the same quarter of 2015.

Solar-Plus-Battery Storage Increases Property Values. There’s an immediate financial reward for adding rooftop or ground mount solar arrays and battery storage. But they also increase the value of your home or commercial building should you decide to sell, according to real estate agents and appraisers.

2. What makes iDemand Energy Storage systems the best choice?
iDemand’s battery lineup includes the 9-36 kilowatt hour Echo Indoor series suitable for most residential needs, 18-72 kWh Echo Outdoor, and 36-108 kWh Alpha. Comprised of fifth-generation lithium iron phosphate, LiFePO4, prismatic cell technology, they are the most advanced batteries on the market today.

Another thing that differentiates iDemand from the competition is that we make the only whole-house, whole-building systems now available, meaning they’ll pick up all your heavy-hitting loads, including air-conditioning, pool pumps and electric vehicle chargers while providing ample output for other appliances and needs. We keep the lights on 24/7, 365 days a year! Furthermore, we offer a 25-year warranty.

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